Grow Your Business Using Digital Media

With more than $10 million dollars of experience on ads for digital media, we know how to make them work

Grow Your Business Using Digital Media

With more than $10 million dollars of experience on ads for digital media, we know how to make them work.

Here's What We Do


- Social Media Marketing
- Content Marketing
- Email Marketing

Performance Marketing

- Data driven analysis
- Cross-border analysis
- Integrated systems


- Consistent Branding
- Retargeting Campaigns
- Customer Segmentation

Digital Media Optimisation

We run ads on digital platforms. We’ve spent over $10 million dollars on ads on digital media and we know how to make them work. We will help you optimize your entire digital flow. We run your digital ads on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google, Pinterests and so on. Creativity and data analysis are the key strengths we use to beat competitors.
We will also optimize your websites, landing pages, funnel flows to give your visitors the best experience for the best conversion rates.

Are You Missing Out On Social Media?

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. With an average of 1.59 billion active users daily, there is a huge pool of potential customers that businesses can reach out to. It allows for one-to-one personalized interaction between brands and users and is the preferred platform for most businesses for social media marketing. 
Youtube is is becoming the TV of the present day. It has unlimited opportunities at low cost, allowing us to achieve insane ROI. It is right behind Facebook as the largest social media platform. But in terms of ROI, it may not be second. Advertising on Youtube is like advertising on TV in the 1950s, except with much better ROI.
Google has been the god of search advertising and has been for many years. The power of google lies in their data, which gives us insights to our customers to optimize our ads. Data helps Google ads works like magic because you are only showing your ads to people who are already searching for you. You get really targeted audiences on your ads!
Instagram has been the up and coming advertising platform in the recent two years. With over 800 million monthly users, it opens up a vast segment of younger generations to target. Over one-third of Instagram users have used Instagram to purchase products online. The best part is because Instagram is owned by facebook, we get to use facebook’s data for precise targeting features.

Software, website and app development

We have developed hundreds of websites and softwares for clients and ourselves. We know what type of websites work for which business types and industries. Other than developing the website based on your needs and branding, we further optimize your revenue through softwares that are designed specifically for your industry and business type. These are our little secret weapons that we use to beat competitors.

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Squalet, a Singapore company, is a digital media agency for companies around the world. We work in a combination of media, technology and digital marketing. We are constantly looking for the best and brightest to join our team.

Office Location: 354 Alexandra Road Alexis #01-05, Singapore 159948

Digital Media Planner
Digital Media Performance Analyst
Website Developer
Website Designer
Digital Media Buyer
E-commerce Digital Marketer
E-commerce Manager
HR Manager

About Us

At Squalet, we pride ourselves as one of the most hands on Digital Media Agency in Singapore.
We started out in the digital media in 2014 and have hit multiple 8 figures in revenue for ourselves solely through digital media. We have been doing this successfully for ourselves and our clients for years. 
Our ambition is to be the digital partner of the biggest brands of the future. We believe that digital media is one of the most important keys for the future brand giants.
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